Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Free Technical Books on the Internet

Hello friends,

Are you searching for free technical/Engineering eBooks on the net,
then this is the right place to come. Here are the few links to try it out.

My favaourite link is
This weblog contains a lot of ebook links related to science,engineering,software,
hardware,self-help,motivation etc.
This site is upated on an daily(or even hourly) basis.
Most probably they won't ask for your login and password.
You can register for free. The search feature is not so good.
This website is also giving a list of free proxies.

My second favourite link for ebooks is
There are a lot of catergories like ASP & ASP.Net,CGI & Perl,
Society,Server,Business and MultiMedia.
These categories are not shown in the homepage.
If you click on any ebook on the home page,
the page for that book will come along with all the
categories mentioned above.
There are three server links for each ebook.
This website also contains web templates and fonts for downloading.
One defect is that the website search is not working.

Another website for ebooks is
The catalogue is seen in the link
where books are categorized by year and publishers.
You MUST register to download books.
This can be done at
If you select "Send information about new eBooks"
they will send news about new addition of ebooks regularly.
You will be getting a password to your email after successful registration.
The procedure to download a book is like this:
Go to any book link you want.
Click on "my profile" on the top of the website.
You will be asked to enter your email and password.
After doing this you can go back to your original book page.
You will be shown a book link at the bottom of the page.
Click on that link.
A new web page will open on the same window.
Click on "I agree".
Download of the book will start immediately.
If the book is in pdf format it will take sometime to load
depending on the filesize.
To save pdf files to your disk, please use the pdf's save icon.
Don't use browser's "Save As" or "Save" option.
One word of caution: Please don't download books more than one at a time.
Otherwise they will block your IP address from downloading.

Free technical books on the Net

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