Saturday, December 30, 2006


Free Technical Books Update II
This website gives part of each computer related book(say first 50 pages) free.
The peculiarity is that computer books are based on pictures and not on words.
On computer basics:Windows XP,Mac OS X Tiger,Linspire Five-O,Palm Devices.
Microsoft office:Access 2003,Excel 2003,PowerPoint 2003,Word 2003,Publisher 2003. 2.0,Calc 2.0,Impress 2.0,Writer 2.0.
Web layout:Dreamweaver 8,FrontPage 2003,HTML & CSS.
Web graphics:Photoshop CS2,Fireworks 8,Photoshop Elements 4.0.
Web programming:MySQL Basics,PHP Basics,PERL Basics
This website contains categories such as Artificial Intelligence,Certification,
Computer Application,Computer Engineering,Computer Hardware,Computer Science,Computer Security,Databases,Design & Graphics,Information Systems,
Miscellaneous,Mobile Computing,Multimedia,Networks,Operating System,Programming
Software Engineering,Telecommunication and Web.
You have to signup to access these books.
Defect is that some are bad links.
Adobe Books are available.
CCNA books are directed to

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