Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Free Tech Books Update IV

This website contains Free books like
1)31 Days To Bigger Arms
2)204 Smoothie Recipes ebook
3)Sudoku ebook,containing 120 medium puzzles.
4)How To Upload Your Website to the World Wide Web
5)The Fruit Machine Cheat Code
and some more.

The Computer and Internet catergories are
Internet,Software,Java and J2EE,C and C++, Networking,Database,
Microprocessor & Assembly Language,Computer Security,Perl and CGI,Python,Unix & Linux,Computer Graphics,ASP .Net,ASP C Sharp,Machine Language,Fortran,COBOL,PHP,
Visual Basic and VB.net,Hardware And Networking,Ada,HTML/XML/CSS,
Web design,Delphi.

Some more categories are present including Science and Engineering,funny books etc.
We have to pay for some books.
Some bad links.

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