Friday, July 20, 2007


Free Mathematics Books Update VIII

Now I concentrate on Free Mathematics ebooks.

Online Mathematics Textbooks at GATECH
Some of the free mathematics ebooks available are:
Multivariable Calculus by George Cain and Jim Herod.
Calculus by Gilbert Strang.
Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics by Evans Harrell and James Herod.
Complex Analysis by George Cain.
Complex Variables by Robert Ash and W. P. Novinger.
Linear Algebra by Jim Hefferon.
An Introduction to Probability and Random Processes by Gian-Carlo Rota and Kenneth Baclawski.

and many more. You truly enjoy it.
Free Mathematics ebooks are available on

* Applied
Differential Equations, Game Theory, General, Linear Programming,
Probability & Statistics, Vector Analysis
* Chaos & Systems
* General
* Geometry & Topology
* Algebraic Geometry, Analytic Geometry, Differential Geometry,
General Geometry, Non-Euclidean Geometries, Topology
* History
* Infinity
* Mathematical Analysis
* Matrices
* Mensuration
* Number Systems
* Popular & Elementary
* Pure Mathematics
Algebra, Calculus, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics,
Finite Mathematics,Fractals, Functional Analysis, Group Theory,
Logic, Number Theory, Set Theory
* Recreation & Games
* Reference
* Research
* Study & Teaching
* Transformations
* Trigonometry

All 37 chapters of Cargal's lectures on algorithms, number theory, probability and other stuff.

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