Saturday, December 23, 2006


Free Technical books update
The areas covered by this site are Computers And Information Technology, Science And Engineering,Medical And Health,Business And Commerce,Literature And Fiction,History And Military History,Graphics And Photography,Travel And Adventure etc.
Each of these sections contains thousands of books.
You MUST register to see and download books.
After registration they will send you activation link through email.
It also has discussion forums.
Books are stored in rapidshare,mihd etc.

XPMATH is a good website for Mathematics. It has an ebooks library which contains ebooks on Algebra,Trigonometry,
Everyday Maths,Statistics,Probability,Calculus,Geometry,Math Puzzles etc.
xpmath offers Math Discussion Board,Math Careers Database,Math Worksheets,Math Videos
etc. It is an excellent website for mathematics teachers also.

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